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Dr Ellie Nadian

Specialist Paediatric Dentist

When tiny teeth need top-tier care
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With young smiles comes unique care. Dr. Ellie Nadian's team ensures your referrals transition into a world of paediatric excellence seamlessly and compassionately.
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  • How it works?

    Referring young smiles to Dr. Ellie Nadian is a seamless journey of care and collaboration. Starting with our user-friendly electronic referral system directly from our website, or through our designated referral pads delivered to clinics across Brisbane, we ensure no detail is overlooked. Once received, our adept front office meticulously assesses the referral’s contents, from the child’s particulars to the specifics of their dental concern. Recognizing the urgency of dental traumas or acute toothaches, our team prioritizes effectively. Once contacted, parents or guardians are briefed about the consultation process, where Dr. Ellie dives deep into treatment options, discussing everything from relative anaesthesia to sleep dentistry. Our commitment doesn’t end post-treatment. While our seasoned coordinators liaise with specialists and insurance companies for hassle-free scheduling, Dr. Ellie and her team ensure parents or guardians are armed with detailed aftercare instructions. And to tie the loop, a thorough report of the treatment is communicated back to the referring dentist, fostering a relationship built on trust, expertise, and shared patient-centric values.

    Paediatric Dentistry
    What, How, Where?

    STEP 1Reach Out

    Contact us. We'll provide you with our referral form to share with your general dentist.

    STEP 2Referral Submission

    Your general dentist fills and submits the referral, either electronically via our website or using Dr Ellie's referral pads.

    STEP 3Referral Review

    Our front office meticulously assesses the referral's details, ensuring all necessary information is present.

    STEP 4Scheduling

    We prioritise appointments based on urgency and contact parents or guardians to schedule the initial dental examination.

    STEP 5Treatment Options

    Dr Ellie Provides treatment options, including the use of relative anaesthesia or sleep dentistry, and their approx. cost.

    STEP 6Payment Options

    Treatment coordinators will discuss payment options including payment plans or early release of super fund.

    STEP 7Coordination

    Our treatment coordinators will liaise with specialists, insurance, and sometimes Medicare, ensuring appointments and treatments are set up without hassle.

    STEP 8Treatment

    Whether it's a simple procedure using relative anaesthesia or a more involved treatment using sleep dentistry, Dr. Ellie and her team ensure top-tier care.

    STEP 9Post-Treatment Care

    Parents or guardians receive detailed aftercare instructions, ensuring clarity and comfort post-treatment.

    STEP 10Reporting Back

    The referring dentist is provided with a thorough report, ensuring they're updated on the treatment.

    Tiny Smiles

    Get your day started with a smile: check our services to see what we can help you with!
    Baby Teeth
    Beyond just budding bites, they bolster the base for future smiles.
    Paediatric Dentistry
    Pairing child-friendly techniques with compassionate care for baby bites.
    Urgent Care
    Expert care in paediatric dental trauma, ensuring children's smiles are restored.
    Restoration by Crown
    Paediatric stainless steel crowns: the trusted solution for child dental cavities
    Fillings under Happy Gas
    Gentle tooth fillings with happy gas for young smiles battling cavities
    Advanced paediatric care: addressing tongue-tie in infants with expertise.

    Little tears, big fears?
    Paediatric Sleep Dentistry

    Cavities and tiny tantrums? Book a consultation by referral and enquire about paediatric sleep dentistry in Brisbane.

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