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Dental pulp is found inside every tooth. It’s the soft, sensitive part of the tooth that houses nerve endings and veins, keeps blood circulating through the tooth, and helps you detect temperature. In some cases, this soft tissue can become infected. When this happens to children, the problem is solved with a pulpectomy. The procedure...


Is your child experiencing tooth pain or sensitivity? They may need a pulpotomy. This procedure can save their tooth from extraction and prevent further infection. At Brisbane Paediatric Dentist, our experienced team uses gentle techniques and anxiety-relief techniques to make sure your child stays comfortable throughout the process Book an appointment with us today! What...


From age 2 to age 12, your child’s teeth will go through a transformation. They will first experience getting their full set of baby teeth, which will then be replaced with a set of adult teeth over the years. How many teeth does a child have in each of these stages? It depends on any...


Your child’s teeth start erupting from about 6 months old and typically start falling out at around 6 years old. Kids lose baby teeth as permanent teeth begin to develop under them, dissolving the roots of the milk teeth and pushing them out. Understanding when baby teeth fall out will help you prepare for it...

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Copyright 2024 by Brisbane Paediatric Dentist. All rights reserved.