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We restore chips and cavities for children in Brisbane.
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Energistically fabricate an expanded array of niche markets through robust dental end user products.
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Paediatric dentists recommend dental fillings for baby teeth when there’s evidence of decay (cavities), damage, or trauma. Baby teeth, though temporary, are essential for chewing, speaking, and holding space for permanent teeth.

Indications for a filling include:

  1. Visible Decay or Damage: Brown or black spots on the teeth may indicate decay. Chips or fractures can also necessitate a filling.
  2. Pain or Sensitivity: If a child complains of pain when chewing or sensitivity to hot or cold, it may be due to decay reaching the sensitive parts of the tooth.
  3. Cavities Detected via X-rays: Not all decay is visible; X-rays can reveal cavities between teeth that require fillings.
  4. White Spots on Teeth: These can be signs of early decay. A filling at this stage can prevent further deterioration.

Prompt treatment with fillings prevents the spread of decay, which can lead to more severe problems like infections, abscesses, or the need for more invasive treatments such as stainless steel crowns, Zirconia Crowns or extractions. Maintaining the health of baby teeth is crucial for developing a healthy and functional adult dentition.

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