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Dedicated to the unique dental needs of children
Brisbane Paediatric Dentist Dr Ellie

Dr Ellie Nadian

Specialist Paediatric Dentist

Dr Ellie Nadian, based in Brisbane, is a specialist paediatric dentist at Brisbane Paediatric Dentist, dedicated to the unique dental needs of children. With her expertise in children’s oral health management, she offers tailored approaches to meet kids’ dental needs, ensuring they benefit from specialised, child-focused dental care. Dr. Nadian excels in creating a kid-friendly dental environment, always prioritising comfort and safety. Trained in the latest paediatric oral care techniques, she’s committed to ensuring a positive dental experience for every young patient. With Dr. Nadian, the holistic well-being of children is always paramount.


What does a Paediatric Dentist do?
Dentist for Children!

Paediatric dentists optimise dental treatment for children by tailoring their approaches to the unique needs of young patients. They undergo specialised training to handle children's developing teeth and to understand their specific behavioural needs. To ensure safety and comfort during procedures, paediatric dentists may employ sleep dentistry or utilise happy gas (laughing gas). Sleep dentistry offers a deep, relaxed state, while happy gas provides a mild sedation, easing anxiety in children. Specialised paediatric approach ensure that dental treatments are not only effective but also less stessfull and more comfortable for children.

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