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here when you need us most

Here When You Need Us Most

We understand that dental emergencies don’t stick to office hours! If you need an emergency dentist for kids in Brisbane, we’re open after hours on weekdays (up to 9 PM) and our dental clinic is available on call over weekends for emergency dental care.

Maintaining your child’s dental health is key, but some situations can’t be predicted. Our friendly staff are here to guide you and your child through emergency dental procedures with care, calm, and compassion.

here when you need us most

Urgent Situations We Handle

emergency dentist for kids brisbane
emergency dentist for kids brisbane

Our emergency dentist for kids is equipped and ready to deal with a wide range of children’s dental emergencies. Our dental services provide urgent care for:

  • Knocked-out teeth (baby teeth/permanent teeth)
  • Severe or chronic toothaches
  • Facial or jaw pain and swelling
  • Signs of tooth infection or tooth abscess
  • Broken, chipped, or fractured teeth
  • Soft tissue trauma (gums, tongue, or lips)
  • Broken braces
  • Sports injury or other dental trauma

Accidents happen! But you can let your kids be kids with peace of mind, knowing that our emergency dentist in Brisbane is available for urgent care when you need us most.

What to Do in a Dental Emergency: Quick Tips for Parents

Our paediatric dentist’s clinic is just a short drive away for any parents living in Brisbane. But when you have a dental emergency, you can take extra steps to help lower your child’s pain and help them relax until you can get them to us for emergency dental treatments.

  1. Pick up the tooth: Find the tooth and pick it up. Take care not to touch the root of the tooth – only handle it by the white part.
  2. Rinse it if necessary: Rinse the tooth, if necessary, in clean water or a cup of milk. DON’T scrub the tooth, as this will damage it.
  3. Put it back (permanent teeth only): Try to gently place the tooth back in its socket. If it fits, place a small piece of gauze on top of it and let your child bite down gently on it to hold their tooth in place.
  4. Store it safely: If the tooth doesn’t fit back into its socket, store it somewhere safe to take with you for emergency treatment – a small container of milk works best. Or, put it in saliva (get your child to hold it in their cheek). If all else fails, use water with a dash of salt.
  • Rinse with warm water: This will remove debris that may be contributing to their pain and will soothe their toothache. You can add a dash of salt.
  • If possible, floss gently: Flossing can remove more stubborn debris that’s stuck between teeth and ease pressure, which will reduce pain.
  • Use a cold compress: Apply a cold compress (an ice pack wrapped in a towel) to the affected cheek to help reduce swelling and numb the pain.
  • Use OTC pain medication: If your child is old enough and is experiencing severe toothache, you can give them over-the-counter pain relievers to ease their pain.
  • Cover sharp edges: Use a piece of sugar-free gum or orthodontic wax to cover sharp wires, protecting your child’s mouth until you can get dental care.
  • Don’t bend the wires: Avoid trying a DIY fix, as it could cause more damage. Stabilise the braces until you can get help from a professional.
  • Contact a dentist: Call us to ask if your situation warrants emergency dentistry or if it can wait until normal hours. No need to make a trip if urgent care isn’t needed.
  1. Collect the pieces: Gather as many broken pieces as possible and place them in a container with a bit of cool milk, water with a dash of salt, or your child’s saliva.
  2. Rinse with lukewarm water (salt water if you want): Rinse your child’s mouth to flush out debris or smaller tooth fragments.
  3. Stop any bleeding: Apply gentle pressure with clean gauze. If possible, get your child to bite down gently on the gauze.
  4. Cold compress for swelling: If the broken tooth causes pain or swelling, apply a cold compress to the affected side of the jaw.

If there’s pain and swelling from an unknown cause, apply a cold compress to ease the pain and reduce swelling. Get to an emergency dentist for kids in Brisbane as soon as you can.

Urgent attention to your child’s tooth pain will help us find out the root cause and treat it before it leads to worse problems.

If there’s any bleeding, whether you know the cause or not, apply gentle pressure to the site with clean gauze. When the gauze is soaked through, simply add another piece on top of it, rather than removing the original piece.

It may also be helpful to add a cold compress, which will constrict the blood vessels and help stop the bleeding faster.

when dental emergencies happen, we're here to help

When Dental Emergencies Happen, We're Here to Help

When something unpredictable happens to your beloved little one, we know you want fast, efficient, and compassionate dental care. This is why we offer:

  • Extended Weekday Hours: If you have a dental emergency after hours, there’s no need for a sleepless night. You can make a dental appointment until 9 PM on weekdays to handle your urgent dental care as soon as possible.
  • On-Call Weekend Support: Weekends are for playing, and accidents can happen quickly. Need an emergency dentist for kids in Brisbane, QLD, on a Saturday or Sunday? Call us, and we’ll do what we can to help.
  • A Child-First Approach: We know that a dental emergency can be scary for children. When you come in with a paediatric dental emergency, we will focus on easing your child’s anxiety as well as easing their pain – we create a calm, reassuring environment to help them (and you!) feel safe.
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