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Space Maintainers Brisbane: Protect Your Child’s Smile

Is your child missing a baby tooth too early? Don’t worry! A tooth spacer is the solution. It’s a simple, effective way to safeguard your child’s future smile!

space maintainers brisbane protect your child s smile

What are Space Maintainers?

Space maintainers are dental appliances used to fill the space left when a child loses a baby tooth too early. They stop the teeth on either side of the gap from shifting out of position and align the space for permanent teeth that will eventually grow.

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when are space maintainers necessary

When are Space Maintainers Necessary?

Space maintainers are necessary when a child loses a baby tooth before the permanent tooth is ready to erupt. It doesn’t matter what caused this tooth loss, but some common causes include:

  • Decay: A tooth extraction may be necessary due to decay.
  • Injury: A knocked-out tooth can leave a gap of one or several teeth.
  • Other Dental Issues: Some children may have missing teeth due to developmental issues.

If it’s not addressed, the gap created by the missing primary tooth can cause other teeth to shift over to fill it. This means that your child’s baby teeth and permanent teeth are no longer in alignment, which could cause problems when their adult teeth start coming in.


Benefits of Space Maintainers

Maintain Proper Tooth Alignment

A dental space maintainer acts as a placeholder for the missing tooth. It holds the empty space open so that the other teeth don’t move out of alignment. If the baby teeth on either side of the gap move, they won’t be in the right place when the permanent tooth erupts underneath them.

This can lead to problems like the “wrong” teeth being pushed out when adult teeth erupt – baby teeth whose permanent teeth replacements aren’t ready to erupt yet. Your child would then be left with more gaps, and the problem just gets worse!

Prevent Future Dental Problems

Leaving gaps in your child’s smile can lead to issues like misalignment or crowding, bite issues, and jaw pain. This also means your child will be more likely to need extensive orthodontic treatment later on.

Addressing the gap with a simple dental spacer upfront not only saves your child from potentially painful and embarrassing dental conditions, but it can also save you money on expensive orthodontics in the long run.

Boost Your Child’s Confidence

A misaligned smile caused by losing teeth too early can be prevented. Crowded or skewed teeth can make your child feel self-conscious and lower their self-esteem. Investing in something as simple as a tooth space maintainer can keep your child happy and confident.

benefits of space maintainers
Different Types of Space Maintainers
Space Maintainers Types

Our Space Maintainers: Designed with Your Child in Mind

Every child is different, and so is every situation in which a child loses a tooth. We offer different types of space maintainers to suit every condition after a loss of teeth.

Removable Space Maintainers

Similar to retainers, these tooth spacers can be taken out for cleaning and eating. They are usually made of acrylic and are often used for slightly older children who can look after the tooth spacer without losing or breaking it.

Fixed Space Maintainers

These are a permanent fixture and stay in place until the permanent tooth is ready to come in. They come in various types, depending on your child’s needs:

  • Unilateral: These use a wire wrapped around the tooth on either side of the space to keep it open.
  • Crown and Loop: This space maintainer uses a crown that’s placed over one tooth and a stainless steel loop that covers the gap between the two teeth.
  • Distal Shoe: When a primary molar is lost, this specific type of space maintainer is used. It’s inserted into the gum to guide the new molar as it comes in. This spacer needs frequent dental check-ups.
  • Lingual: This uses multiple crowns and wires to fill spaces where more than one tooth has been lost. It’s often used for children with congenital defects.

Why Choose Us for Your Child's Space Maintainer in Brisbane?

Experienced Paediatric Dentist

Dr Nadian has years of experience in paediatric dentistry and is trained in specialist paediatric techniques. Her goal is to make every dental experience a positive one for children, so they never grow up with dental anxiety.

Gentle Care in a Child-Friendly Environment

We prioritise comfort and safety for every child’s dental visits. We tailor each visit to your child’s needs, helping them feel at ease and making it fun wherever possible.

Custom-Fit Dental Solutions

At Brisbane Paediatric Dentist, we create custom space maintainers for every child. We don’t offer one-size-fits-all dental appliances – we make sure it’s tailored to your child’s mouth. This ensures comfortable and effective spacers.

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Our Space Maintainer Process
How we install Space Maintainer for your Children

Our Space Maintainer Process


The first step is to book a consultation and bring your child in for an assessment. We’ll examine their mouth and see which type of dental space maintainer would work best.

Custom Fitting

We’ll design a custom tooth spacer to fit your child’s mouth and have it made by a trusted lab. When we receive your child’s spacer, you can bring them in for it to be fitted.

Regular Check-ups

Your child should come in for regular dental check-ups so we can monitor the space maintainer. This will allow us to stay on top of their dental care and make adjustments to their spacer if needed.

How Long Does My Child Need to Wear a Space Maintainer?

The time your child needs to wear a space maintainer depends on two things: how old they are, and which tooth or teeth they lost. There’s no single answer for this; rather, a rough estimate will be calculated based on these two factors.

Your child will need to wear their tooth spacer until the permanent tooth is about to come out. Depending on the tooth, this could be for a few months, or for as long as a few years. This is why regular dentist visits are important – your dentist will monitor your child’s mouth and the maintainer will be removed when the permanent tooth is about to erupt.

how long does my child need to wear a space maintainer
caring for your child's space maintainer

Caring for Your Child's Space Maintainer

Teaching your child to care for their tooth spacer will help keep it in good condition and maintain their oral health. If the spacer breaks or bends, book an appointment with your paediatric dentist as soon as possible.

Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

Teach your child to brush at least twice a day. Choose a good fluoride toothpaste and as soon as your child is old enough, teach them how to floss safely and make sure they do it once a day. This will make sure the spacer stays clean, and no food gets trapped and invites bacteria.

Don’t Play with the Spacer

Try to encourage your child not to play with their tooth spacer, with their tongue or their fingers. It could cause the spacer to loosen or break, which will mean another dentist’s visit and maybe even a whole new device.

Be Careful with Food

Very chewy and sticky foods can damage the spacer. Try to make sure your child stays away from foods that may stick to and pull on the spacer. This can hurt your child as well as damage the spacer!

Your Child's Smile Journey Starts Here

Don’t let accidental or early tooth loss compromise your child’s smile! Book an appointment today if you’re looking for space maintainers in Brisbane. We’re here to help!

your child's smile journey starts here

Space Maintainers Brisbane FAQs

Are Space Maintainers Only for Baby Teeth?

No, space maintainers are not exclusively for baby teeth. While they’re most often used in children who have lost baby teeth prematurely, they can also be used in some cases for adults who are waiting for dental implants or bridges.

Does It Hurt to Get a Space Maintainer?

No, getting a space maintainer fitted is usually painless. Your child may feel some pressure or mild discomfort for a few days while adjusting to it, but it shouldn’t be painful. If your child does experience pain, you may need to go back to your dentist or orthodontist for an adjustment.

Are There Any Alternatives to Space Maintainers?

If the permanent tooth is close to erupting already, your dentist may decide that your child doesn’t need a spacer. Early intervention with braces can sometimes guide teeth into the proper position. However, this is only an option if most of your child’s adult teeth have already erupted.


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Don’t let cavities slow down your child’s bright smile. Contact us at (07) 3343 4880 to schedule an appointment.
Our friendly team is ready to provide your child with the best dental care in a comforting and child-friendly environment.
Join us at Brisbane Paediatric Dentist, where every little smile is our priority!

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